In a busy law practice, the value of having

experienced, discreet and efficient staff

cannot be overstated.

Marsha Shipman and Kathy McDowell are key to our

success. Working in our office means daily contact with our clients.

Their professional skills, knowledge of the law and work ethic are

unsurpassed. This is essential in creating an easy relaxed atmosphere

in our offices that our clients have learned to count on and appreciate.
Legal Assistant
119 SOUTH BROAD  /  GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA  73044  /  405.282.5355  /
Legal Assistant
As the newest member of
our staff, Marsha brings
years of experience in the
oil and gas industry and
has worked in management
for a private health care
company and for the City
of Guthrie.
Kathy has been a legal
assistant for over 27 years.
With such a vast range
of professional experience,
she is a valued member of
our practice.