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The firm represents mineral owners

and a variety of oil and gas related

matters. This would include

representing mineral owners in

negotiating the lease of their mineral

rights to oil companies. We have

found with the variety of leases used

by various companies it is imperative

that the mineral owner receive expert

legal help before executing this

important legal document.
Other work includes transfer of title to mineral interests and

assisting with the sale or purchase of mineral interests. With

the high influx of oil and gas operations in Logan County, this

has become a main component of our work load. Mineral

owners need to be aware that there is no typical oil and gas

lease in today's environment, Every lease is different and may

have significant provisions which need careful scrutiny

before signing.
The transfer of title after death often requires the probate process.

Settling and managing an estate, with or without a will, involves the

preparation of numerous legal pleadings and sometimes estate tax


This firm has extensive experience in guiding a personal representative

through this maze of duties.

Ancillary probate is an Oklahoma legal validation of a probate performed

in another state. We work with beneficiaries throughout the United States

who have local property, including minerals.
In Oklahoma,
the Oil and Gas industry
is a primary factor in the
healthy economy our
state enjoys.

Jeff Hirzel has experience
in this field and can be helpful
to clients who have interests
or holdings in oil and gas.